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Hams in the Santa Ynez Valley  




The Santa Ynez Valley is a relatively small geographic area and does not have a large number of nets or repeaters in the immediate area. The following lists contain the major nets and repeaters in the Santa Ynez Valley.

However, it should be kept in mind that there are several other repeaters and nets available in the areas immediately surrounding the Santa Ynez Valley. Other local repeaters and nets which can be reached from the Santa Ynez Valley may be found in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Santa Maria.



2M Repeaters

Call Type Output Freq. Input Shift PL Operated By
K6SYV Voice 147.21 Plus 131.8 SYVARRG
Location: Figueroa Mountain, 34°44 N by 120°00.20 W, Elevation: 3,040'
Coverage: Santa Ynez Valley, Lompoc, and Santa Maria
K6SYV Voice 146.895 Minus 131.8 SYVARRG
Location: Chalk Hill, Solvang, 34°36.51 N by 120°08.71 W, Elevation: 950'
Coverage: Santa Ynez Valley
Med Net Voice 145.180 Minus 131.8  
Location: Santa Ynez Peak - ARES Hospital Net

440 Repeaters

Call Type Output Freq. Input Shift PL Operated By
Simplex Voice 444.750      


What When   Where   Who

When: Wednesday at 8:00pm
Where: K6SYV 147.21+
Who: Everyone. This is a formal ARES net.


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